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Making Tax Digital (MTD) – VAT Number

Written by Michelle Lindgren on . Posted in Exact Globe

Before you send your first final VAT return via MTD API, you must ensure that the VAT number (VRN) is correctly defined in the Company data settings.

Go to System ➔ General ➔ Settings ➔ Company data settings. In the VAT number field you must ensure that a purely numeric VAT number has been entered without any spaces. For example, if your VAT number is GB999 9999 73, it should be entered as 999999973 in the VAT number field.

Tip: Exclude VAT boxes from total amount in VAT overview

Written by Tina Brands on . Posted in Exact Globe

When you do the accounting for a company in a country with a different legislation, it may be necessary for you to exclude certain VAT boxes for the calculation of the total amount in the VAT overview. In the Netherlands it is not necessary, but it may be useful in some cases. Hence, we explain in this blog post how to exclude VAT boxes in the calculation of the total amount.


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