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Using the improved search function

Written by Matthijs van Soest on . Posted in Exact Synergy

With the continuous enhancements on the user interface, further improvements to the search feature can be seen as well. The All option in the search feature at the top menu enables you to perform a quick search that includes the entities available in the drop-down list. As of product update 258 this is applicable  to the following entities: People, Accounts, Documents, Items, Projects and Requests.

Creating a predefined search (1/3)

Written by Marcel Thijssen on . Posted in Exact Synergy

In Exact Synergy Enterprise there are several search pages available. You can search for requests or documents, but also for projects, customers, employees, etc.

It can be desirable to make the search results available as a link. For instance when you want to share these results.  The user just has to click the hyperlink to see the results. Also when data is created, and falls within the search criteria it is immediately shown in the results.


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