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Social Collaboration – Share entities

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Social Collaboration enables you to share different Synergy entities with your colleagues. Did you have a conversation about a customer during lunch, but your lunch partner had no idea who you were talking about? Then you just share the customer card with him or her after returning to your desk! Or are you really excited about a new item that you are going to sell? Come on! Let’s show it! And what do you think of sharing a convenient workspace where your (new) colleague was not yet aware of? Enough opportunities to make your workday easier and more fun! This blog post about Social Collaboration discusses which different entities can be shared and what you can achieve with sharing these entities.

Projects – Reporting

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Exact Globe provides several reports that help you to get a good insight into your projects: the project card, the master planning, the audit trail and the entry report. Below we will give you a brief explanation of the purpose of the above overviews and how you can get there.

Projects – Invoicing

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Except for internal projects, you need to invoice the customer for the realized time and materials. For Fixed projects this is never more than budgeted, but for Time & Material and Training projects this can depend on the realizations. You can invoice during the course of a project or you can invoice when the project is completed.

Projects – Planning and realizations

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To execute a project properly, tasks should be planned. After these tasks are planned and performed, the employees should realize the actual hours worked and the actual costs incurred. In this blog post will be explained how you can plan tasks and assign them to the right people. It also explaines how these hours and costs can be realized and authorized.

Projects – Completing projects

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When a project is ready, it needs to be completed. A project is not considered to be completed until all planned hours are realized and all invoices have been printed.

There are two methods of completing a project: manually and automatically. In this last blog post about projects we will discuss both methods of completing a project.

Projects – Work in Progress (1/2)

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In an administration, costs and revenues that are directly related to each other are registered on the profit & loss statement within the same financial reporting period. This is called the realization principle.

Work in progress (WIP) is used to correct the result on the profit & loss statement such a way that the costs and the revenue are balanced. The result is lowered or increased by using one or more balance general ledger WIP accounts and a specific WIP general ledger P&L account or an existing cost or revenue account.

Work in progress is usually used for long term projects. Companies within the same sector usually use the same WIP method. The selected WIP method determines how the WIP will be calculated, e.g. based on the realized costs or based on the realized revenue.

PSA – Hour entry and approval

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In the previous blog post in this series, you can read how you can set up a project and define the required data. After all that is done there can be worked on the project officially. The hours that are worked on a project and the costs that are made must be registered. In this blogpost is further explained how to register time and costs and how these two can be approved.


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