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Tip: collect an invoice in several terms

Written by Tina Brands on . Posted in Exact Globe

It may be that you want to collect an invoice in several terms. You can do this simply by creating a payment condition with Due date calculation type ´Date à end of the month + x months’, and make sure that it is linked to the relevant invoice. To set up a payment condition, go to menu path System ➔ General ➔ Countries ➔ Payment conditions. Here you can create a new payment condition or edit an existing one.

How do I add a pre-notification to the invoice?

Written by Marcel Thijssen on . Posted in Exact Globe

A pre-notification is a message that you are obliged to send to the debtor before you perform the collection. The pre-notification should be sent at least 14 days in advance. However, an agreement can be made with the debtor that a shorter period might sufficient. You could, for instance, use the existing documentation, like the invoice. In that case, you will add a comment on the invoice that the relevant amount will be collected on the date in question.


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