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WMS – Auto queue

Written by Tina Brands on . Posted in Exact Globe

WMS Auto queue offers you the possibility to automatically send order lines ‘picking’, without the need of having to start the Control Center and select and handle order lines manually. This blog post will further explain this functionality.


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ICL (Intercompany Logistics) makes it possible to automate the logistic transactions between the sales company and the central warehouse company. This reduces the number of manual actions. Often transactions such as sales orders, purchase orders, fulfillments and receipts have to be entered twice when you are using two companies. The data has to be registered in both companies, with ICL this only has to be done once.

WMS – Pick & Pack

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Pick & Pack really means nothing more than grab and pack up an item. E-WMS Pick & Pack is order picking where order packing is done at a central warehouse location like a packing table, which means this packing location has to be replenished first with the items to pick. In this process, each item is scanned twice: first while picking in the warehouse, and again while packing on the central packing location. In this blog post about Pick & Pack we will discuss this further.

WMS – Introduction

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For a manufacturing or trade company, it is important that you have a good insight into your stock and flow of goods. Too much stock will cost money, with insufficient stock, your customers could be disappointed and when there are delivery errors, you even risk losing customers.

With Exact Warehouse Management System (WMS), all this can be avoided. With this solution, it is possible to automate physical flow of goods and optimize logistics processes. E-WMS has real-time inventory information and enables you to meet reliable delivery times.

BPM – Document management

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With Exact for BPM you can easily manage the large number of different documents that circle

around in your organization. Instead of keeping paper files in folders, e-mail and bins, all documentation (docx, xlxs, pdf, xml, etc.) is digitally stored in one central place. Documents can also be linked to other entities, like requests, projects or people. Exact for BPM contains comprehensive document version management and document types can also be configured to be approved before publishing. This blog post about document management will explain this further.

BPM – Workflow management

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With Exact for BPM you can improve the collaboration and communication between persons and departments and increase the visibility of processes existing within your organization. You can establish standard and rules-based working methods for greater management control and auditing. Workflows provides employees a more clear understanding of their tasks and goals and enhances the performance of your organization. In this blog post about workflow management we will discuss this further.

CRM – Marketing campaigns

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The term campaign management refers to tracking, monitoring and managing the different types of marketing efforts related to a specific marketing campaign. Using campaign management enables companies to track the results of a campaign and spot new opportunities. In this blog post we will explain how to work with marketing campaigns in Exact Synergy Enterprise.


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