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Add a business card to your accounts

Written by Irene Nuijten on . Posted in Exact Globe

When you receive many business cards from your accounts, it can be useful to save them digitally.  In Exact Globe Next there is a possibility to do this.

First you need to scan the business card. Then save this file on your computer. Next, you can open the account card by going to [Finance, Accounts receivable/Accounts payable, Maintain] or [CRM, Accounts, Maintain accounts] and clicking ‘Open’.

What is the use of the ‘Unallocated’ account?

Written by Irene Nuijten on . Posted in Exact Globe

The ‘unallocated’ general ledger account is a suspense account on which payments and receipts are booked temporarily. For example, this ‘unallocated’ account is used when importing bank statements with payments/receipts that cannot be assigned to a debtor/creditor yet. At this moment it is not possible to assign a debtor or creditor yet; the entry needs to be explored – i.e. assigned- first. Once you know to which general ledger account/debtor/creditor the entry needs to be assigned to, you can edit the entry and replace the ‘unallocated’ account with the correct general ledger account and fill in a debtor/creditor.

Creating a request with the account and contact filled immediately

Written by Marcel Thijssen on . Posted in Exact Synergy

When you have contact with an account you can register the agreements in a request. To have insight in the agreements it is important to link the correct information in the request. In this case you can link the account and the contact person. When registered correctly the request can be found on the card of the account but also on the card of the contact person.


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