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Exact for Manufacturing ease of use: Creating factory forms

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online

Familiar methods in Exact for Manufacturing to convey jobs to the shop floor are documents and the Smart Shop Floor app. Still, many companies have to provide instructions to the shop floor that are not easy captured in the data of Exact for Manufacturing, or collect feedback from workers by means of forms. A recent enhancement makes it possible to merge forms with Exact for Manufacturing generated data.

How to do a disassembly in Exact for Manufacturing?

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


A common manufacturing process is to recover parts out of an assembled product. The reason to disassemble may vary from scavenging parts out of an obsolete or broken product, hunting for spare parts out of a product in perfect condition, or the recycling of a product into waste materials. Although Exact for Manufacturing has no specific disassembly type of shop order, there are good options to support this need with regular shop orders.

Importing a bill-of-materials in XML format from a CAD/PDM system

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


Is it possible to import a bill-of-materials (BOM) from a CAD/PDM system into Exact for Manufacturing? This question is frequently asked, and the short answer is yes. We can import a BOM in CSV format, in XML format, and we have plans to create a REST API in the near future. In this blog we explain why XML would be our current preference, and how to use it.

What exactly is the intention of the Calculator type in my bill-of-materials?

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


In the bill-of-materials of Exact for Manufacturing you will find a field Calculator type. By default its value is “Materials per piece”. Other available values are “Fixed” and “Pieces per material”. What is meant with these values, and why are there other values (like “Pieces per bar”) that are disabled? With the Calculator type we can support nearly every material calculation requirement. We will introduce you to the possibilities.

Exact for Manufacturing: Using the weight calculation in the BOM

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online


We have introduced the net weight calculation of a product in the bill of materials (BOM) to reduce the dependency on Excel. Use cases are for example calculating part weight for outside processing, assessing the quality of a recipe by checking weight, and checking net content for a packaged product. In this blog we explain how to use the net weight calculation.


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