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Tip: Cancelling a purchase order?

Written by Larno van Loo on . Posted in Exact Globe

In Exact Globe Next, you can enter (button ‘New’) or change (button ‘Open’) an order via the menu [Purchase, Entries, Purchase orders]. You need to enter an purchase order because you will be ordering items from your supplier. After you have printed your final purchase order, you can receive the purchaseorder. But then, of course, we are talking about a work method in which nothing could go wrong. It might occur that an order was entered, but already cancelled, how do we solve this?

Tip: working with prepayment

Written by Larno van Loo on . Posted in Exact Globe

In practice, it may occur that a sales order needs to be paid (in part) first before you can proceed to fulfilment. In order to automatize this process and make it insightful, Exact Globe Next offers you the opportunity to generate a pre-payment from a sales order. You will then in fact generate a sales invoice that you can process via the regular menu and send to your customer. To prevent the sales order from being fulfilled despite the fact that the payment has not been received, the possibility to fulfil is blocked from the moment the pre-payment is entered.

I am responsible!

Written by Larno van Loo on . Posted in Exact Synergy

The words personal information actually already say it all, it is personal information of which you want to make sure they are correctly registered with your employer. If you could take responsibility yourself for adjusting these, then you would know for sure they are correctly processed. It would be a shame if the invitation for the company outing would be sent to your old address, right?

Searching for information?

Written by Larno van Loo on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Do you like to be up-to-date on new articles on various websites? Or would you like to know what goes on in your organisation? You often need to put in a lot of effort to find the right information. Wouldn’t it be great if all information relevant to you were gathered in one single place?


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