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A better search result

Written by Larno van Loo on . Posted in Various

As a customer or partner of Exact, you have access to the customer or reseller portal. Via this portal, you have the option to view the latest news, consult your own information and search for product information using the Knowledge Base. In order to come to a much better search result, new search functions have been added.

Tip: auto-complete fields

Written by Larno van Loo on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Within Exact Synergy Enterprise, you have the possibility to create mail merge layouts. These layouts allow you to send e-mails, for instance, to an account from a request. In this e-mail, you could have the fields (words) automatically completed. It is, for instance, possible to auto-complete the name of the contact person or the address of the account in the e-mail.

Finding what you’re looking for

Written by Larno van Loo on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Are you looking for a specific customer? Or do you perhaps want to search for a certain group of customers within a specific postcode area? Both options are possible within Exact Synergy Enterprise. In order to search for a specific customer, you can make use of the search field in the menu on the left.


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