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The Workspaces – Widgets blog post explains how you can organize your workspace using widgets. Because we are constantly developing, a number of improvements have been implemented and new widgets are available in the Widget catalog. Some of the improvements and new widgets will be explained in this blog post.

Account card widget

The Account card widget is now available in the CRM category of the widget catalog. With this it is possible to quickly see the account card of a certain account on your workspace.

To add the widget, click Add widget from the workspace. This will open the widget catalog and you can choose Account card on the CRM tab.

The Add: Account card screen is then displayed. Here you can enter a Title and Description, select an Icon and Background and you can indicate which account it is about. If you choose Current, then the account card of the customer, dealer, or supplier who is currently logged in and clicks on the widget is always displayed. By choosing Select other you can select an account yourself.

After you have entered everything and clicked on Save, the Account card widget appears on the workspace. By clicking on the widget, the relation card is displayed in a pop-up screen.

Request list widget

By means of the Request list widget, it is now possible to quickly view a list of requests on a workspace. The request list widget can be found in the widget catalog on the Workflow tab.

On the Add: Request list page you can define the properties and layout of the widget. Here you can also indicate whether you want to display the displayed requests in a Dynamic list or in a Fixed list.

With a Dynamic list you define a number of criteria. A list of requests that meet those criteria will then be displayed in the widget.

With a Fixed list you can select specific requests to be shown in the list.

Export pivot analysis from the widget to Microsoft Excel

It is now possible to export the pivot analysis from the Pivot Analysis widget to Microsoft Excel. To do this, hover the mouse over and the Excel icon will appear. When you click on this, in most cases, depending on your web browser, a pop-up screen will appear asking if you want to open the file directly in Excel or first save it.

For all recent improvements and new widgets, see the release notes of product update 262 and product update 263.

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