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The Working in groups blog post explains how you can easily work together in Exact Synergy and share information with groups of employees from, for example, a specific team, project, department or division. In the meantime, a number of improvements have been made which are highlighted in this blog post.

Groups hyperlink

On the timeline of an employee (Persons timeline) there is an overview on the right-hand side with all groups of which the employee is a member. A number will be displayed in brackets in the Groups section to indicate the number of groups. By clicking on the hyperlink, all groups of which the relevant person is a member are shown.

My groups list

On the Timeline page you will see the My groups section on the right. Via the scroll bar you can view all groups that you are a member of. To change the order of this list, click on Reorder list and then drag the relevant group to the desired position. After all groups are in the right place, click Done. To leave a group, click on the icon and then click Leave. The Leave option will be available only for the groups that are not mandatory, and when you are not a group manager or owner of this group.

To search for groups that you are not yet a member of, you can click Browse Groups. This opens the Groups Catalogue.

Searching group members

Finally, it is now possible to easily search for group members in the create or edit mode of a group. The search field will be displayed only if you have access to the Members tab.

Click the icon to display or hide the search field. By default, the search field is not displayed, and the contents at the search field will be displayed based on the roles of the user.

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