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In the series of blog posts about Social Collaboration we showed you how you can use the Timeline functionality in Exact Synergy. In the meantime, we have continued to develop, and various improvements and new functionalities can now be found in the timeline. In the coming period we will discuss a number of new features on this support blog. This blog post highlights hiding posts and showing hidden posts.

Hide posts

It may happen that you no longer want to see a post on your timeline. In such a case you can easily hide that post. To do this, click the icon in the post. You can then choose Hide.

Show hidden posts

To display the posts that you have hidden, you can open the Hidden posts tab. This tab is not standard on the timeline, but can be added by clicking the icon at the top of the timeline. You can then choose Hidden posts.

After you have clicked this a new tab will appear. All hidden posts are displayed on this tab. To unhide the post and put it back on the timeline, click on the icon in the post and choose Unhide post.

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