Product updates 418/263 available for Exact Compact customers and Exact partners

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Over the next weeks the new product updates 418 and 263 will be made available in phases. As of today the new product updates are available for the first group of customers. They have been notified per email. The availability of these product updates for other licenses will follow in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on this support blog for more information.

Who can download the new product updates?

Product updates 418 and 263 are now available for Exact Compact customers and Exact partners.

What’s new?

Exact Compact

In Exact Compact several improvements were added. More information can be found in the release notes of product update 418 for Exact Compact (Dutch only).

Exact Synergy

In Exact Synergy there are several improvements available regarding Social Collaboration such as:

  • Improvements to various layouts
  • Improvements to My groups
  • Improvements concerning comments on timeline and group timeline
  • Improvements in post sharing
  • Enhancements to the poll functionality
  • The possibility to hide and unhide posts
  • The possibility to add virtual attachments via OneDrive and Team Sites
  • The possibility to go back to the top with the Back to top button

Furthermore, it has been made possible to import Best Practices files, the layout of the monitor section has been improved, various improvements have been made to the widgets and it is now possible to select Entities when searching with the All option.


For more information about these changes and other improvements in this product update you can check the release notes of product update 263.

Exact Globe

For all information about the changes and improvements in Exact Globe you can check the release notes of product update 418.

System requirements

To guarantee sufficient application performance and correct functioning of the new product updates, servers and clients must meet a minimal configuration. For an overview of the system requirements you can consult the links below.

System requirements Exact Compact (Dutch only)
System requirements Exact Synergy
System requirements Exact Globe


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