Viewing the shop order in Smart Shop Floor

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Smart Shop Floor is the cloud app used by factory operators to retrieve job data from and record job progress in Exact Online Manufacturing. In Smart Shop Floor we can view shop orders, shop order details, operations and materials. This blog posting explains the how.

General navigation

The tabs in the screen header refer to respectively starting time on an operation (Start), stopping time on an operation (Stop), editing recently timed operations (Recent), and entering time manually (Manual entry). The first screen presented is of the first tab (Start):


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We are viewing a list of routing steps of shop orders, i.e. this is not a list of shop orders. The routing steps displayed are of shop orders with the status Open and In progress. The shop orders should also be Released. The routing steps have the status Open or In progress. By default, routing steps are displayed that are linked to the employees main work center. Using the search field we can select routing steps belonging to a shop order, item or date.

The list can be sorted by shop order, item or date:


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The list can also be filtered on my main work center, my work centers, and all work centers. The search can further be extended to finished shop orders:


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Shop order details

By clicking on the text or on the icon we will view the shop order details. By default we see the shop order header and the routing step notes:


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By expanding the Routing, we will view the routing details:


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By expanding the Materials, we will view the material details:


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Smart Shop Floor will be General Available for all versions of Exact Online Manufacturing in the first quarter of 2016. More information with Pieter Hamans,


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