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In product update 255 of Exact Synergy a new user interface was introduced. The changes done were a first step in making Exact Synergy even more user friendly.

In product update 256 you can expect more changes, including a large number of changes that are based on your feedback. In the coming weeks you can read more about these changes in product update 256 on this blog.

In this blogpost of this series you can read more about the buttons.

On the different pages in Exact Synergy there are buttons available that allow you to perform certain actions. For instance the ’Edit’ button can be used to edit the data, while the ‘Save’ button can be used to save the data.

Which buttons are available is among other things dependent on which entity you are viewing and the roles and rights.

In product update 256 by default five buttons are displayed upfront. The other buttons can be made visible by clicking the 04-1 icon. When all buttons are displayed, the 04-2 icon will be available, allowing you to hide the additional buttons. In the preferences you can define how many buttons you want to display upfront by default, or that you always want to display all buttons.



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