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Smart Shop Floor is the cloud app used by factory operators to retrieve job data from and record job progress in Exact Online Manufacturing. In order to use Smart Shop Floor, users need to be created and configured for use. This blog posting explains the how.


Smart Shop Floor requires a specific subscription for each user

For each user of Smart Shop Floor a specific user type needs to be added to the Exact Online subscription. Once Smart Shop Floor is General Available (expected in Q1 2016), customers can add users via My subscription, Change subscription:


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In the above example from the Dutch hosting, five Smart Shop Floor users are included in the subscription, and five regular users.


A Smart Shop Floor user needs to be assigned to an employee

In Exact Online Manufacturing employees are defined as ‘persons that record time’. In general, employees do not need to be users. We can create an unlimited number of employees for free. These employees cannot logon to Exact Online without assigning them user rights, but we can record their time spent on a shop order. If we assign user rights to an employee, he or she either gains regular (full) user rights or Smart Shop Floor user rights. Via Master data, Users [Overview] we can assign user rights to an employee:


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For the deployment of Smart Shop Floor it is useful to know that each user will view the user interface in the language assigned via Manufacturing, Employees [Maintenance]. The choice of available languages is the same as in the regular Exact Online environment. Via the same menu path we can upload a picture of each employee. This picture is used in Smart Shop Floor.


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Linking an employee to work centers

By default, employees logging on to Smart Shop Floor will only view the operations of released shop orders for work centers that they are assigned to. Via Manufacturing, Employees [Maintenance] we can assign work center to employees. If an employee is not assigned to any work center he will be presented with all operations of all released shop orders. An employee can be assigned to more than one work center. Within Smart Shop Floor, he can still search for operations he is not assigned to.


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Smart Shop Floor will be General Available for all versions of Exact Online Manufacturing in the first quarter of 2016. More information with Pieter Hamans,


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