Releasing a shop order to Smart Shop Floor

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Smart Shop Floor is the cloud app used by factory operators to retrieve job data from and record job progress in Exact Online Manufacturing. Shop orders should be released in Exact Online in order to be displayed by default in Smart Shop Floor This blog posting explains the how.

What is a released shop order?

Shop orders in Exact Online for Manufacturing are automatically assigned a status Open, In process, Finished or Completed. They can be manually assigned a status of In planning, Released or On hold by a regular (full) user. The meaning of the Released status is that the shop floor can start with the first operation. One way of releasing a shop order is by editing (Manufacturing, Planning, Change Shop order [Edit]):


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A released shop order will show the Released icon in the status notification area:


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Releasing many shop orders at once

Via Manufacturing, Planning, Change shop order we can select multiple shop orders for release (check) and press the link Edit (all simultaneously). We can then check the Release box and update:


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Releasing when printing shop papers

Via Manufacturing, Planning, Print shop paper we can select multiple shop orders for print. We can simultaneously release by checking the box Release shop orders:


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Smart Shop Floor will be General Available for all versions of Exact Online Manufacturing in the first quarter of 2016. More information with Pieter Hamans,


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