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Smart Shop Floor is the cloud app used by factory operators to retrieve job data from and record job progress in Exact Online Manufacturing. Factory operators need to logon to Smart Shop Floor in order to use, and logoff after use. This blog posting explains the how.


When we start using Smart Shop Floor for the first time, we need to navigate to the URL https://start.exactonline.nl/smartshopfloor. (Please notice that the domain extension varies from country to country). We will be asked a user name and password of a smart shop floor user. This connection will be maintained for one year or for the duration that this user has access rights to Exact Online, whatever expires first.


Each user subsequently navigating to https://start.exactonline.nl/smartshopfloor we will be presented with the start screen:


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We choose a company.


We then will be viewing all smart shop floor users of that company (the employee screen):


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We choose the employee.


The following screen will be displayed:


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From this screen we can view (operations of) shop orders and record time.


Logging off

By clicking the exit icon in the right upper corner we will return to the employee screen. This return will also be initiated when the user leaves the screen idle for 1 minute. A warning with a 10 second lapse will precede the automatic return:


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By clicking the exit icon in the right upper corner from the employee screen we will force a complete logoff. The next time we want to logon we will have to use the username and password again.


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Smart Shop Floor will be General Available for all versions of Exact Online Manufacturing in the first quarter of 2016. More information with Pieter Hamans, pieter.hamans@exact.com


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