How can I see who processed the payment files or collection files?

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It can be useful to know which user processed which payment file or collection file in your company. These bank files are created when selected payments or collections are processed via [Cash flow, Payments, Process], [Cash flow, Collections, Collection] or [Cash flow, Collections, SDD management].

To be able to see who created which file, you can turn to the overview ‘Created bank files’. This overview can be retrieved via [Cash flow, Payments, Created bank files].

In the column ‘Processed by’ you can see which user processed the payment run or collection run. In the column ‘Date’ you can see on what date the file is processed and in the column ‘Own account’ you can see which cash instrument is used. Also you have the possibility export this overview to Microsoft Excel by using the button ‘Export’.

Another way to see which user carried out which process, is to use the overview ‘Who processed’, which can be found via menu path [Cash flow, Statistics, Who processed]. When this overview is shown, grouped by ‘Details’, you can hold the mouse above one of the processes in the lower left corner of the screen. Next, you can see who performed which step.


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