Shop Floor Control generally available

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After a successful controlled release period, the Shop Floor Control solution is general available as of this week.

What is the Shop Floor Control solution?
Shop Floor Control (SFC) in Exact Synergy Enterprise fully utilizes data from the shop floor to communicate production statuses to relevant people, such as the master schedule planners, managers, or shop floor operators. This ability to gain real-time visibility into the progress of the job operations supports planners in balancing and prioritizing work based on the capacity available. With this, the planners and managers would also be well-prepared to address matters related to quality, resources, or changes to requirements.

Shop Floor Control works with all popular Internet browsers. This means it can be used on almost every device: touch screen of non-touch screen. The following flow chart details the log in process to use the SFC features:

Shop Floor Control works with Exact Globe Next in combination with Exact Synergy Enterprise and the information is synchronized by Exact Integration.

For more information see, Logging in to Shop Floor Control.

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