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You can update Exact Globe Next via internet.  Besides performing an update you can also download an installation DVD.

In a standalone situation of Exact Globe Next you click ‘Update’ and ‘Internet’ to open the update screen. In a network installation you start netupdate.exe on the server to open the update screen.

In the update screen you select the correct version. At ‘Install mode’ you select ‘Creation of CD installation’. At the ‘Installation directory’ you select the directory in which you want to download the DVD. Make sure to use a separate folder and not the Exact Globe Next installation folder.

Make sure to enter the web site Fill in the user name and password that you use when performing an update, and use the domain ‘eweb’.

The system will determine how many files must be downloaded and will show a notification. When confirming, the DVD will be downloaded. When the download is finished, a message is shown and you can burn the downloaded DVD to a DVD-ROM or place it on a different storage medium.

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