Guarantee external shelf life for S/B items in E-WMS orderpicking process

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When using E-WMS (SE1380 E-WMS 1) order picking with a serial/batch advice, you are able to guarantee external shelf life of shipped serial/batch items.

You are able to configure a day factor per customer, or per customer per item. This day factor is the number of days that an item with limited shelf life has to be ‘usable’ by your customer, after shipping.

The debtor general shelf life day factor can be maintained in Exact Globe Next menu [Finance, Accounts Receivable, Maintain], WMS button:

A day factor per debtor per item (exceptions) can be configured in new Exact Globe Next menu [WMS, Setup, Items by debtor]:

When a shelf life factor is configured, this will be applied as extra selection criterion to select from available serial/batch stock. Only stock with an end date later than ‘today’ + this day factor, will be advised.
This new shelf life factor is applied and validated in following E-WMS process steps:

  • When generating a picking advice for serial/batch items (E-WMS setting ‘Serial/batch advice’ must be enabled);
  • When picking a batch or serial number (ASP only), in case of diverting from the advice serial/batch number – depending on the new ASP validation setting ‘Full S/B validations‘;
  • after reading back and validating the picked lines


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