Checking an order of a collegue on the B2B E-Commerce portal

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When placing an order on the B2B E-Commerce portal it can happen that the order first has to be checked by a colleague before making the order final. In this  situation Person A logs on to the B2B portal and adds various items to the cart. Because the order needs to be checked by Person B, Person A does not have the possibility to make the order final.

After Person A has placed the items in the cart Person B logs on. Person B can check the cart and make the order final.

This can be arranged in the B2B E-Commerce portal as follows:

In Exact Synergy Enterprise the following rights are granted in the section ‘Edit rights ECP’ of the contact card:

  • Person A: Access rights
  • Person B: Access rights + Check Out Rights + View All Carts Rights

Also you need to add the ‘Saved cart list widget’ on the ‘Account Page’ (Authenticated) and ‘Cart Page’ (Authenticated).

When Person A logs on he can only add items to the cart. Person A only has access rights and can’t make the order final. When Person B logs on he sees the cart of Person A (the ‘Saved cart list widget’). Person B has View All Carts Rights which allows him to view the cart of Person A. Person B also has Check Out Rights which gives him the possibility to make the order final.


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