Changing the account manager

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There are situation in which you need to change the data of multiple accounts. Thi scan be the case when there is a new account manager and you want to link a large number of customers to this new account manager.

Instead of changing the account manager for each customer separately is also possible to do this in one go.

First you make a selection on the account for which you want to change the account manager. This can be done via [Customers, Reports, Accounts, Search]. You make a selection and click ‘Show’.

All accounts which meet the criteria will be shown. To update the account manager for these accounts, click ‘Update accounts’.

In this screen you can select the new account manager at ‘Account manager’. When you also want to link the new account manager to the contact persons of the selected accounts, you also select the new account manager in the section ‘Contact’. Make sure to indicate for which contacts you want to change the account manager.

Now click ‘Save’ and ‘Yes’ to create a job to update the accounts. This job can be found in menu [HRM, Reports, Miscellaneous, Log: Mail merge]. This job will automatically be processed by the background job SysHrMail. More information about this background job can be found in document 16.169.213.


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