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In another blog post you could already read about the use of the favorites. This blog post also explained that you can create a new category upon saving a favorite. These categories can be used to sort your saved favorites.

Besides creating or selecting a category when saving a favorite you can also manage the categories via the favorites menu:

Creating a new category
To create a new category click ‘Favorites’ in the top menu.

  • On the favorites page click the ‘Category’ button.
  • Enter a description for the category and click ‘Save’.
  • The category is now created.

Linking a favorite to a different category
It may happen that you have selected a category when saving a favorite, while you prefer a different category. Via the favorites menu you can change the category :

  • Click ‘Favorites’ in the top menu.
  • Find the favorite for which you want to change the category.
  • Click the ‘Edit’ link behind that favorite.
  • Select the preferred category at ‘Category’ and click ‘Save’.
  • The favorite is now linked to the new category.

Deleting a category
When you want to delete a category this can be done via the favorites menu. Deleting a category is only possible when there are no favorites linked to the category.

  • Click ‘Favorites’ in the top menu.
  • Click the ‘Categories’ button.

Categorize favorites

  • As you can see all categories contain favorites and can’t be deleted.
    To delete the categories you have to delete the favorites in these categories or link them to another category.
  • When this is done, a red X is visible next to the category.

Categorize favorites2

  • By clicking the red X, you can delete the category.


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