Attach the role bar to a role

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The previous blog posts ‘Tip: The role bar’ and ‘Create groups in the role bar’ explained the use of the role bar and the creation of groups at the role bar.

In this blog post we will explain how to attach roles to a role bar. Next to creating a personal role bar, an administrator can create a role bar for a specific role. This can be done with the tab ‘Role bar’ at the maintenance screen of the role via [System, HR & Security, Security roles, Maintain].

On the left hand side of the screen, the available menu paths can be selected and dragged to the role bar on the right. Only the menu paths that are accessible in this role are shown.

When the user with the specific role opens Exact Globe Next, the ‘Default role’ is shown at the bottom of the screen.  When clicking ‘Default role’ the user can select another role and is able to see the role bar accompanying that role.
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