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Soon we will start a new Controlled release phase for product update 408 of Exact Globe Next and product update 253 of Exact Synergy Enterprise. Would you like to benefit from new functions and improvements? Then sign up for the Controlled Release!

The controlled release phase of the product development life cycle is an extremely important step for Exact and our customers. During this phase, enhancements are observed in real-life business practice, ensuring that the product
update is a success. By taking part in a controlled release, you can be the first to benefit from new enhancements and related support, playing a key role in making excellent business software come to life.

Benefits during the test phase
During the controlled release phase, customers can enjoy several specific benefits. These include:

  • Contact with dedicated support during testing
  • An opportunity to give early feedback on improved functionality
  • A dedicated team for the fast resolution of any issues
  • Support in the implementation of the release

In May we start with the Controlled Release phase for product update 408 and 253.

What’s new?
As in every product update there are a lot of enhancements and new functions in these product updates. To give you a few examples:

Exact Globe Next product update 408

  • New functions for the WMS solution

Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 253

  • New functions for the PSA solution
  • New functions for the Service Management solution

Technological improvement

  • Support Windows Server 2012 SP2
  • Support Internet Explorer 11
  • Support Windows 8.1


Would you like to participate in the Controlled Release?
Please refer to the Fact Sheet for more information about the controlled release program. If you would like to participate in the Controlled Release phase of Exact Globe Next Product update 408 or Exact Synergy Enterprise Product Update 408 please send an email to productreadiness@exact.com.

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