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In Exact Synergy Enterprise you can add frequently used reports and document to your favorites. This way you are able to quickly and easily use the information at a later time.

To add something from Exact Synergy Enterprise to your favorites, click  on the top-right of the screen. When using this button, you will see the screen below.

The description and URL are filled automatically. If desired, you can modify the description. At ‘Category’ you can select a category where you want to save the favorite. If you want to save the favorite under a new category you can enter the name of the new category at ‘Category – New’. The favorite is saved in this new category. When saving another favorite, this new category will also be available at ‘Category’.

This functionality can also be used for references to other websites by entering the address at the URL field.

To view the saved favorites click ‘Favorites’ in the top menu.


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