To show an overview of my accounts and their (IBAN) bank account numbers

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It can be useful to show which bank account numbers belong to which debtors or creditors in one overview.  You can show this overview at menu paths [Finance, Accounts receivable, Maintain] or [Finance, Accounts payable, Maintain]. When right-clicking the names of the columns, you can select the option ‘Insert column’.

To show the bank account numbers in the overview, you can select the column ‘Bank accounts.Account number bank’. For the IBAN bank account numbers you can use the column ‘Bank accounts.IBAN bank account number’. You can add the columns one by one to show them in the overview.

By clicking the name of the column at menu path [Finance, Accounts receivable/Accounts payable, Maintain] and dragging it to another position, you can change the order of the columns that are shown in the overview.

Note: This overview only shows the bank account numbers that are selected as main bank account number at the maintenance screen of the debtor or creditor. If an account has multiple bank account numbers, the other bank account numbers are not shown in this overview.


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