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In Exact Globe Next you will find the role bar on the left hand side. With the role bar you are able to add the menu options you use most frequently. This allows you to move quickly through the software. You can turn the role bar on or off, by using the button ‘Role bar’ at the top of your screen.

Role bar

Filling the role bar with options from the menu
An option from the menu can be added to the role bar, by dragging it to the role bar. It is not possible to drag the main menus, which contain underlying options, to the role bar. For example, the main menu ‘Reports’ from ‘Finance’ cannot be added. However, it is possible to add the menu options below ‘Reports’, such as ‘To be processed’ and ‘Processed’.
After you have dragged an option from the menu to the role bar, you can rename the function by right-clicking the icon in the role bar.

Via [View, Role Bar, Large icons ] you can choose to show the options from the menu in the role bar with large icons or small icons (see screenshot above).


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