Tip: Prefill a request by using a hyperlink

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In Exact Synergy Enterprise a lot of information can be registered via requests. Usually, the fields have to be completed by the creator of the request. You can also decide to prefill these fields via a hyperlink. You can add a hyperlink in a document to prefill certain fields.

You want for instance that people can create a request via a hyperlink in a document. This request should be a specific type, description and project. This can be done via this hyperlink:

The new request will look like this:

As you can see the project and description are filled based on the parameters of the hyperlink. The request is an Appointment with response, which is type 6010. Between the different parameters you use an &-sign.

Next to the description and project, there are also other parameters available. For an overview of the available parameters, see document 17.098.366.


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