New Field Service App available for iPad

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As of today, a new Field Service App is available in the Apple App Store.

The following new features have been added:

  • The look and feel of the Field Service App have been updated and is in line with the new Exact CRM App.

  • Search screen for adding materials remains active until you have finished the entry. The advantage is that all material can be quickly be entered without reopening the screen every time.
  • When adding materials you can also search by item code. For frequently used items, the service engineer often knows the item number by heart. Like searching by description, the percentage sign (%) can be used as so-called wildcard. If it is known that an article starts with ‘123’ and slightly later ‘CMD’ you can search at ‘123%CMD’ and as an example article ‘123-4-KOPCMP’ is found.
  • Selecting items from different warehouses is supported. When setting up Service Management, you can define the service engineer’s default warehouse and other warehouses he is allowed to use. For instance the service-van of the engineer. Starting with this release it is possible to easily compile a selection of items.The default warehouse of the Service engineer can be defined in the setup of Service Management as well as other warehouses that person has access to. Based on this setup, the service engineer can select the used items.
  • Like in the previous Field Service App it is possible to register hours. The hour type can be selected and service engineer can also indicate which hours are within warranty.


  •  Displaying the request number on the iPad. When a service engineer consults a colleague in the office, it is very useful when the request number is known to quickly access the related information in Synergy Enterprise.

The Exact Field Service App version 1.0 is supported as of Exact Globe Next 407 in combination with Exact Synergy Enterprise 252 (update after February 7th). The Service Management module is required. The Controlled Release version of the Field Service App (version 0.93) does not work with these system requirements. You need remove the previous version and install the latest version 1.0 of the Field Service App via the Apple App Store.

Browsing material

A precondition for using Service Management (and Field Service App) is that the user needs at least one of the following roles and function rights: Professional, Service management, Service planner or Service manager.

From Exact Synergy Enterprise 252 Item information will be retrieved directly from Exact Globe Next 407. In previous version this data was retrieved from Exact Synergy Enterprise. Reason for this change is that Exact Globe Next 407 always has the latest information on items. As stated earlier, a precondition is Exact Globe Next 407 in combination with Exact Synergy Enterprise 252 (update after February 7th).

In the Item browser a Service item drop down list is added. With this browser the user can filter which of the items is a Service item or non-service item.

With the customize button in the Items search screen, the new filter option can be activated.

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