Finding and merging doubles

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When you have a large number of accounts in your database, it may happen that some accounts are present twice. Via [CRM, Processes, Doubles] you can find a function to detect these double accounts and delete or merge them. In the selection screen you can define the criteria to check for double accounts.

It is possible that there are two accounts with the same name, while in reality, they are two separate accounts. In this case the address of these accounts will be different and you don’t want to merge these accounts. Via the ’Match’ criteria you can define at which criteria you want to compare the accounts.

There are for instance two accounts with a different name while they are actually one account (e.g. Exact Software and Exact). When matching on ‘Name’ the accounts will not show up because the name is different. Instead you can match on ‘City’ and ‘Bank account number’. Since those two accounts are actually the same, the city and bank account will match.

Now you can merge the two accounts and there will only be one account left in your company.


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