Automatically link a mandate when creating an invoice or entry

Written by Irene Nuijten on . Posted in Exact Globe

When creating an invoice or entry you can link a payment condition to determine the payment method of the invoice. Via the ‘Conditions’ button in the invoice or entry you can link the payment condition. When you link a payment condition which has the payment method ‘Collection’, the outstanding item for the entry also has the payment method ‘Collection’.

For a SEPA collection it’s important to link a SDD mandate to the outstanding item (term). This SDD mandate can be linked manually but you also have the possibility to automatically link a SDD mandate. In the maintenance of the SDD mandates a payment condition can be linked. When creating an entry or invoice the default mandate will be linked based on the payment condition used in the entry.

When there’s only one mandate available for the debtor that mandate is linked regardless if a payment condition is linked.

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