Tip: Adjusting the search method

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While searching in Exact Synergy Enterprise, you have the option to search for various characteristics. For example, you could search for the name, address or country of an account while searching. You can, however, also indicate how you would like to search.

A large number of search fields have an icon present that you can use to indicate how it should search for something. Below, you will see an example of searching for the name of an account. In the search field, you enter (part of) the name of the account you want to look up. With the icon in front of it, you indicate how it should search. By clicking the icon, you adjust the searching method.

You have the following options:

bevat Contains: All accounts that contain the name ‘pelican’ will be shown

begintmet Starts with: Only the accounts whose name begins with ‘pelican’ will be shown

gelijkaan Equal to: Only the accounts whose name is ‘pelican’ will be shown



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