Exact Event Manager product update 1.9.1 generally available

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As of this week Exact Event Manager product update 1.91 is generally available. Within this update we have introduced new actions and monitoring capabilities, greatly expanding the number of ways customers can automate processes and increase control over their business.

This release offers a large number of new features to extend the support of business process automation. The new features include:

  • Monitor (FTP) folders for new or updated files
  • Write to a (FTP) folder
  • Run any program
  • Directly print documents via network printer, as an action
  • ‘Send a fax‘ as an action
  • Send out Exact Synergy document attachments

Thanks to the new features you can now monitor a folder for incoming files, for example payroll slips, and have them automatically uploaded to the correct employee dossier in Exact Synergy Enterprise. Or, in case of xml files, Exact Event Manager automatically starts up the ‘AsImport’ task (responsible for importing and exporting data) and sends out a confirmation to the customer.

Besides adding these new features, we have resolved a number of issues within this release.

For more detailed information on this Exact Event Manager update, please have a look at the release notes in document 25.078.843.

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