How do I print the information on collective invoices grouped by order?

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If you are working with collective invoices, an invoice can relate to multiple sales orders. In the layout, it is possible to make a distinction on the invoice between various sales orders. This way, you can print the item per sales order so the invoice for your customers is more insightful.

In the normal layout, the fields on the item block are all on the same height.

If you add the field ‘Sales order number’ to the item block of the invoice layout, you can place this in front or behind the fields that are already present. However, by placing the field ‘Sales order number’ above the other fields, you create a heading for every order.

You should also indicate in the properties of the field ‘Sales order number’ that you wish to supress repetition. In the maintenance of the layout, you can double-click the field to open the properties. Here, you can check the option ‘Supress repetition’. This will make sure the sales order number is only printed once. Upon printing the invoice, it will look as follows:


If you often work with partial deliveries, a certain sales order might have multiple invoices. To make sure the information is printed in the order of sales order number after grouping the invoices, you need to make sure that you sort the information on sales order number before grouping.

While grouping the invoices, with the ‘Advanced’ button, you open the screen with the invoices to be grouped. Here, you can sort invoices by order number by double-clicking the column ‘Order’. While grouping the invoices, they will thus also be placed in the collective invoice in this order.


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