The pivot analysis

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A pivot analysis is an interactive overview that allows you to make company information insightful quickly. You have the option to present the information as you set up, for which you have a wide opportunity to group and specify.

Besides making the company insightful, you can also compare information of multiple companies. Based on this, you can quickly and simply create a report that meets your personal preferences. The report template made by you can be saved, so you will not have to create new templates in the future.

You can open the key analysis via the menu [Finance, Reports, Pivot analysis],[Invoice, Statistics, Pivot analysis], [Project, Statistics, Pivot analysis productivity] or [Accountancy, Check, Pivot analysis].


Export template / Import template
Besides saving the template, it is also possible to export the template and import it into another company. Of course, you could also exchange the templates with your client/accountant. The import/export function can be accessed via the menu [File, Import Template] and/or [File, Export Template].


You can adjust the information on the X and Y-axis by right-clicking your mouse on the component (e.g. general ledger account) and selecting Display. You now have the choice to request the component in various forms. For instance, including code and description or just with the description.



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