Viewing roles per employee

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In the blog post ‘Tip: An overview of the assigned roles’, you already read how it is possible to view per role which employees are linked to it. However, it is also possible to view to which roles that specific employee has been linked via the employee card.

Section roles
On the employee card, you will find the section roles that lists the specific roles. An employee card can be opened by searching for an employee via the left search field and then clicking the name of the employee whose card you wish to show. If this section is not available, you can follow the steps below:

  • Click  ‘Customise’
  • Select the field in the section ‘Roles’
  • Click ‘Save’

The section ‘roles’ is now available on the employee card. In this section, you will see all roles that are linked to this employee. You can also see on which level these have been assigned. If you have sufficient rights, you will find the button ‘Add’ that you can use to assign additional roles.


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