Tip: Printing a payment reminder again

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Sometimes, you may want to print a payment reminder again. This blog post will explain how to do this.

If you have the module SE1800 E-CRM in your license, you can find the reminders on the tab ‘Doc.’ of the debtor maintenance [Finance, Accounts receivable, Maintain], under the document type ‘Reminders’. Double-click the document to open it; afterwards you can use the button ‘Print’ to print the document.

If you do not have the above-mentioned module, you can find the reminders via [Finance, Entries, Documents]. You have the option to filter on account number, under the button ‘Filter’. After entering the account number, click ‘Refresh’. Here, the reminders can also be found under the document type ‘Reminders’. Double-click the type ‘Reminders’ to zoom in. Then double-click the relevant payment reminder to select it. By using the button ‘Print’, you can then print the reminder. You can also find the sent payment reminders as a document via the tab ‘Doc.’ in the maintenance of the debtor.

Correct date
If you want to print the same layout, but with today’s date instead of the date of the already printed layout, you should change the lay-out code. Afterwards, you can print the payment reminders again via [Finance, Accounts receivable, Payment reminders, Print]. The layout code can be changed on the debtor card. Open the debtor card and switch ‘Display’ to ‘Card’, select the invoice and then click ‘change’ at the bottom. In the screen that then appears, you can change the code. So, if you only printed the payment reminder once, the layout code will read ‘2’. To print the same layout (1) again, you should change the layout code to ‘1’. Click ‘OK’.


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