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You may, for instance, want a project to always be linked if you are using a certain general ledger account while entering an entry in Exact Globe Next. To make this a required field, you can check the field ‘Project’ under the section ‘Analytical Required’ in the maintenance of the general ledger account.

Entering or processing?

Above-mentioned setting does however correspond to the setting ‘Check Analytical values’ in the general ledger settings. You can adjust this setting via [System, General, Settings, General ledger settings]. Here, you can indicate whether you want to check analytical values at the moment of ‘Entry’ or at the moment of ‘Processing’ an entry.

If you choose the option to perform the check while entering the entry, you are certain the entry was entered completely. There is no need to adjust the entry again afterwards before processing.

If you choose the option to do the check while processing the entry, you can quickly enter entries even if required information during the entry was not (yet) known. Later, you can still complete the entry with the correct information.


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