Tip: Show outstanding items of one general ledger account

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In a balance list, you can immediately see the outstanding balance per debtor, creditor and/or employee, after which you can quickly take any necessary action. For example, you could collect outstanding items or pay via the list of balances.

If you open a list of outstanding items via, for example, [Finance, Accounts receivable/payable, balance list] all unmatched items on the general ledger accounts of the type creditors or debtors will be shown by default. You could also come across general ledger accounts that are linked to your VAT codes, because these are of the ‘creditor’ type.

Additional criteria
If you only want to show the outstanding items of only one general ledger account, this is possible via [Finance, Accounts payable/receivable, Balance list] by clicking ‘Additional criteria’ and selecting the general ledger account in the filter. The image below shows the extra criteria.


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