How do I divide costs over multiple periods?

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By dividing costs over various periods, you will get a better insight into the actual costs per month. This will allow you to plan ahead and help create a specific division of revenue and costs. This increases the insight into your business immensely. Below, you can read how you can divide your costs over various periods.

On the one hand, you can divide the revenue of a sales invoice and on the other hand the costs of a receipt, return or delivery over multiple periods or transfer to another period. The costs are written off from the original transaction date and divided via a suspense account over multiple periods or transferred to another period. You can divide the revenue via [Invoice, To be processed, Deferred revenue]. Costs can be divided via [Purchase, To be processed, Deferred costs].

All kinds of entries
The menu [Finance, General Ledger, Analytical accounting] also has a similar option, but for all kinds of entries. After selecting an entry, you can select ‘Zoom’. After selecting the line, you can choose ‘Change’ and the option ‘Allocate’ will become available. If you use a date later than the ‘Date’ under ‘Start date’, the entry can thus be divided over multiple periods. You might even change the date of the entry first to get the start date to the desired date.

Via the menu [Invoice, Reports, Deferred revenue], you can request an overview of the revenue you deferred over multiple periods. Via [Purchase, To be processed, Deferred costs], you can request this overview for your deferred costs. Entries divided via [Finance, General Ledger, Analytical accounting] will only become visible if the correct type of account is used (revenue or cost account, respectively).


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