Approving a document?

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Within Exact Synergy Enterprise, you can indicate that a document needs to be approved before being made available to other employees, customers or partners. You can define this via the settings of a document type (via the menu [Documents, Setup, Document: Types]). Besides this, you can also indicate which roles employees need to have to approve documents.

This setting can be found under the tab ‘Publish’ under the settings of the document type.

Always approve
It could, however, be that this setting is turned off and that new documents of this type or existing documents that are being edited will still need to be approved. This could result from saving the document with security level “0”, “1” or “2”. Documents with a security level of 2 or lower always need to be approved, despite the settings of the document type.

If you don’t want to have to approve the document, you should save the document using a higher security level.


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