Setting up the Exchange between Exact Synergy Enterprise and Outlook for a Synergy user

Written by Larno van Loo on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Within Exact Synergy Enterprise, you have the option to synchronise appointments with Microsoft Outlook. This will give you an overview of all your appointments at all times.

The exhange of appointments between Exact Synergy Enterprise and Microsoft Outlook is usually set up via the calendar in Exact Synergy Enterprise. Via the link Alt-U (the ‘tools’ icon), you can define the synchronisation settings for appointments with Microsoft Outlook.

Employee card
However, Synergy users (a user in Exact Synergy Enterprise who is active and has access rights, but does not have any licence roles assigned) do not have the option ‘Alt-U Adjust’ on the calendar. The synchronisation of appointments with Microsoft Outlook can however be set up for a Synergy user, but the settings for this are available as an option on the employee card. The employee can access this option by editing the employee card.

Under the section ‘Office’, you can find the option ‘Synchronize calendar’. By checking this option, the appointments will be synchronised with the Outlook agenda of the Synergy user.


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