Uploading your documents quickly?

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Would you like to save multiple documents in one go within Exact Synergy Enterprise? Or would you perhaps like to save multiple images in one document? With the Document Bulk Uploader, you can perform all of these actions.

The Document Bulk Uploader
Within Exact Synergy Enterprise, there is the Document Bulk Uploader. Users with the Professional role can easily save multiple documents or images with less effort. The Document Bulk Uploader can be found via the menu Documents > Entry > Bulk Upload.

A maximum of 10 files can be uploaded each time. While uploading documents, a document is created in Exact Synergy Enterprise for each document or file. The uploaded document or file will then be linked as attachment to the Synergy document. If you upload images, one document will be created in Exact Synergy Enterprise that will contain all images. The images will be saved in the body of the document.

More information?

In the help documentation, you can find more information on this functionality.


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