How do I change the information of multiple accounts in one go?

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With the module E-CRM, you can make selection on certain groups of accounts and you can also quickly change the master data of multiple accounts and/or contact persons in one go.

For example, you could select all customers that have placed an order in the past year. Via the menu [CRM, Processes, Selections/Actions], you select the option ‘Accounts’ under ‘View’ and then you can indicate under the account filter that you only want to show active customers. Furthermore, you can indicate in the filter that you want to make a selection on orders that were created between 1/1/2013 and 1/5/2013.

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Besides these options, there are several filter options, but we shall leave it at that for this example. After you have indicated the desired criteria, return to the selections/actions menu where all accounts that meet the indicated criteria will be shown. All active debtors that placed an order between 1/1/2013 and 1/5/2013 will now be shown. With the button ‘Select all’, you will select all accounts shown. For the accounts that you selected, you may want to adjust the classification to ‘CAF’. With the ‘Update’ button you open the update screen in which you can define which properties you want to change. In this case, you only want to adjust the ‘Classification’ and you will thus select ‘CAF’ under ‘Classification’. If you click ‘Start’, the classification for these accounts will be adjusted.

In case you accidentally changed the wrong information, you can always undo this. Via the menu [CRM, Accounts, Authorise account changes], you can find the changes that have been made for accounts.

Here, you can select the changes you want to undo. Then, by using the button ‘Reject’, you can reverse the changes.

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