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You always want to leave a good impression with your customers. When you’re sending an e-mail with a quotation, invoice or covering letter, you also want this to look professional. Exact Globe Next now offers you the opportunity to send along a covering letter. However, did you know you could send the covering letter as an image too?

Via the menu [System, General, Settings], you can approach the document settings. Here, you will find the setting that you can use to indicate whether the covering letter should be sent in HTML format or as an image. You can indicate this in the field ‘Covering letter (Format)’.

This field is only active if you’ve selected ‘PDF’ under ‘Store attachments as’. If you have selected the option ‘HTML’, the covering letter will be added in HTML format in the e-mail. If you selected ‘Image’, the covering letter will be added to the e-mail as image. The option ‘Image’ offers users the opportunity to send the covering letter as defined in the layout without the layout and alignment having to be adjusted.


  • The covering letter uses the A4 format in portrait mode. If you want to use a different format or mode, the size of the image will be adjusted automatically, which could cause the image to be distorted.
  • If the covering letter consists of more than one page, only the first page will be added as covering letter to the e-mail.
  • In case multiple layouts are used, the image will not be shown in the e-mail itself, but will be added to the e-mail as an attachment. The receiver will then have to open this attachment to view the message.


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