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Within Exact Synergy Enterprise, you can save important e-mails automatically from Microsoft Outlook. This way, you can easily save the most important information in Exact Synergy Enterprise with less steps.

Settings per folder
To use this functionality, you should be using / install the Synergy Office Integration (SOI). More information about this can be found in this document. After SOI has been made available to you, you can define the settings. If you have added a folder in the navigation screen of Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010, you can right-click this folder. You can then select Exact Synergy Enterprise.

The Exact Synergy Enterprise folder settings screen will now appear. Check the field for ‘Save all incoming e-mails in this folder in Exact Synergy Enterprise’. This field has been checked by default. You can then select the relevant document type in the field Type. If you select the document type from Exact Synergy Enterprise, the other sections will be completed automatically. You could think of sections ‘Main fields’, ‘Additional fields’ and ‘Rights’.

You can now drag the e-mails to the defined folder and they will automatically be saved in Exact Synergy Enterprise.

NB: this functionality is available from product update 248. From product update 251, Microsoft Office 2013 is also be supported.


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