How do I undo transfer to payment differences?

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Via the account card, it is possible to transfer an invoice or part of an invoice to the general ledger account for payment differences. In that case, in the match screen, you select the outstanding invoice and select the button ‘Match/Process’. A screen will then appear in which you can indicate whether you would like the write off the amount to a certain general ledger account, for instance the general ledger account that is set for payment differences. The match screen can be approached from the debtor or creditor cards via the menu [Finance, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Cards].

If you have performed the above-mentioned option, you will also be able to find the transferred balance as a line on the general ledger card of the payment differences. In case you have made a mistake and want to undo this, you can do so by once again going to the account card and then opening the match screen. Choose ‘All’ under Show (on the top left), select the relevant transfer and choose ‘Unmatch’.

The general ledger card for payment differences will no longer include the line of the transfer and your invoice will be back to outstanding in the match screen with the status ‘unmatched’.


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